New testers from the german community!

Jan 23, 2017 | 0 comments

Hey guys, this time I have come to introduce you to the new BlackHog testers: Phoenix Interstellar!

It is a highly active German clan, when regarding Star Citizen events, and they have a nice group of Twitchers as well. They do not miss any Gamescom, and of course they don’t miss the CitizenCons either. They visited the Foundry 42 studio in Frankfurt, and they met their development team.

This year, they have five events: Foundry42 in February. Clan meeting in May. The Gamescom in August and in autumn the CitizenCon. Also sometime Foundry42 UK.

They have been closely following my project since the day I made it public. Tacryll, one of the admins from the clan, wrote me a message to offer his support and he invited me to introduce myself, and even participate in their events. That is something I am deeply grateful for.

Given their support to this simulator, and due to the good communication there has been since the first moment between us, I have offered them the opportunity to test one of my prototypes, to which they have eagerly agreed. So, in a couple weeks, when I have the first units ready, they will be able to begin testing a b-lethal to its very limit, which are the real needs of a Star Citizen pilot. They will help me improve the design and the panel functions, analyzing and testing each and every one of the characteristics of the b-lethal.

Also, you have to check out their web, it is magnificent:

You can also follow them in Twitter, Facebook and Twitch:

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