b-explorer H.O.T.A.S. Flat Mount

The b-explorer frame brings a lot of flexibility when it comes to mounting possibilities.
Today we bring you one that you might not know about yet. We decided to call it H.O.T.A.S. Flat Mount:

Some setups don’t have enough room to install the complete HOTAS mounting solution, for those of you this flat version might just be what you need. Mounting the b-explorer directly to the base plate without the pivot arm keeps the whole structure low and compact, requiring very little additional room to enjoy it.

The HOTAS flat mounting solution includes:

– b-explorer framed
– Base plate (model depending on your Throttle/Stick)

As an extra, you could even unscrew the button box from its frame (just 4 screws) rotate it 180° and screw it back again. As the frame is asymmetrical, this will give you two possible angles to play with, giving this mounting solution even more flexibility.

Let us know what other mounting solutions you would like to see!
BlackHog Team