My project

The history of my project

A new idea

As there was on the market no controller which would be accommodated to my necessities and, in turn, could be fitted into the desk without being a blockage. I started to think about the possibility of producing my own one. As I had enough knowledge about electronics and programming, everything I needed was to get the material.


The idea introduction

After compiling the material and assembling the first prototype, I put the idea forward to my simulation colleagues. The reaction was so positive that I raised the idea of carrying out a more elaborate version to meet the expectations and being able to manufacture a few units.


The idea development

Thanks to the criticism and the motivation my colleagues gave me, some days later I had produced an own design, where the most difficult part for me was going to be the manufacturing of the box within reasonable costs.
The design, which still wasn’t completed, was already a base to go on developing it.


Prototype 3

Some months later, I achieved to finish a more attractive design which fitted better in the surrounding of the user’s game. This version remains as the official prototype for internal testing in order to start working on the manufacturing.
While improving the final design, I looked for manufacturers who could make the different pieces to assemble the third prototype. The draftsmen got down to the job to finish the layouts on time.
I kept on looking for the way to increase the durability, as I wanted to create a product which felt rock solid. One of my main goals, apart from a pleasant and functional design, was offering quality and durability.


The Funding

With the prototype layout almost finished and working on the design for the new version, I started looking for fundings, since the new manufacturing method was going to raise the early-stage investment.


The final design

Completing the web-page and being about to start assembling the prototypes for the external testings, we provide and introduce the final design to a closed circle of people. The feedback is far better than expected.
The web opening is imminent.
Hope you like it!

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