The Elite:Dangerous Hispanic community has lost its head!

Dec 24, 2016 | 0 comments

Hello commanders!

This holiday season the Hispanic community is kicking it!


Stormseeker: [Elite:Dangerous]
In one hand we have the Youtuber by the name of Stormseeker, an Elite: Dangerous pilot, who has a great personality. We are going to host a contest in Christmas Eve. Stormseeker will be livestreaming, starting 11pm (CET). And there will be prizes in the form of E:D skins and Steam games. We will be waiting for you!





Elitecast 2.0: [Elite:Dangerous]
We also have Elitecast 2.0, a podcast in Spanish, with Elite: Dangerous as their topic, they are on a whole new level. Besides their podcast quality, what really stood out to me the first minutes I listened to them is that they work with professional dubbers, like Homer from “The Simpsons” or “Stewie” from “Family Guy.” This guys are awesome and… They are giving away a “T.16000M FCS FlightPack” from Thrustmaster. What?! Well, what you just heard, they have gone insane! XD
They will give out more information about the giveaway this Saturday, 24th of December, you just have to stay tuned on their social media.



Hope you have a nice day,
and happy holidays!

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