Black Hog sponsors your tournament

Apr 22, 2016 | 0 comments

We are looking for the fastest, most lethal pilots in the galaxy

As game controller developers, at Black Hog we offer you the possibility to sponsor your space simulation tournaments. Whether it’s at local, national or international levels. In outer space or a parallel universe. It doesn’t matter which simulator you choose or the planet you explore. We want to support you with our sponsorship.

Tournaments between crew members, forums or groups of players who are space simulator fans are the best way to show your skills as a pilot and earn the respect of the galaxy. Battles, races, duels… any excuse is good to put your instincts and reflexes to the test when you leap into the deep space.

If you are thinking about taking part or organizing a space simulation tournament, contact Black Hog through the email Conditions of the sponsorship will be adjusted to the scale and number of participants of the tournament. Numerous prizes await you!

Have fun and win with Black Hog!

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