b-explorer improvements

Hi guys,

It’s been some time since we released the b-explorer. All this time we have been learning and improving (specially thanks to you guys). Your feedback has been inestimable, and it has been put to a good use.

With everything that we learned from the process itself and all your suggestions, we have been improving constantly the b-explorer. From the initial concept units to the current model, the b-explorer has gone through many improvements and a notable evolution in many aspects.

The most noticeable one could be the components, as they improve the appearance and feel when using the button box.
The aluminum front panels have also evolved ever so slightly in shape, paint and labeling. Getting slicker, stronger and we believe that nicer also.

We have tested all kinds of buttons, sliders, potentiometers and toggles, as time went by, some of them have been replaced for the ones that would work best for our button box.

The front panel is still completely made in aluminum and powder coated, but now the lines are more sleek, the paint job has improved and we made some sneaky changes in the labeling, now being more minimalist and clean.

But not all the changes are in the b-explorer itself. The packaging also made a big quality leap, from the starting plain cardboard box, to our current custom design. We wanted something that would represent our brand and visually appealing. This was all possible thanks to Pablo Villaverde, our graphic designer. He was able to take all our suggestions and bring the packaging to the next level.

Thank you for helping us growing!
BlackHog Team