Elite Dangerous Odyssey: What to expect

It’s coming!

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is taunting us with its “early 2021” release date, while also hyping everyone releasing teasers with developers commentary.
I guess this is a good time as any to ask: What can we expect from Odyssey?

– First person combat and equipment for all kind of situations.
– Social hubs. Places to meet with NPC’s, players, shop or upgrade your weapons among others (Planetports, Spaceports, and Outposts).
– Planets with light atmosphere, atmospheric landings and unique sunsets depending on its composition and surroundings.
– New planet tech. Millions of planets with refreshed visuals and flora.
– Scan, sample, extract and sell. Make some money finding biological signals and getting those genome samples to the nearest Starport.

Another question is: What features won’t make it to the release?

– VR: Not at launch.
– Ship interiors: Not at launch.
– Base building: Not in the current roadmap.

Odyssey is bringing a lot to the table, Elite Dangerous keeps building from their “humble” beginnings and it’s becoming a much more complex and deep game than it was 6 years ago.

We are most intrigued with the possibilities of those frontier settlements. Who doesn’t like a good Space-Western? uh?
Explore and find life forms is also exciting, supposedly player names will be permanently attached to the things they discover. Darwin Journey, here we go!

Let us know what you guys are expecting the most from this expansion.
BlackHog Team